10 Signs You Should Invest in Content Marketing

10 Signs You Should Invest in Content Marketing


Content marketing is a tool which can be of immense help to all the business owners especially the small business. It is a creative way to get more eyeballs to your website and more customers. These days, content marketing is the new buzzword which every marketer will use. But rarely, will he tell you if your business needs to invest in it. So, in this blog, we will tell 10 signs, if you should go for content marketing.

 1- You have a new business.

Starting a new business can be very exciting. For many people, it is a longtime dream to be financially independent. Content marketing is a great way to create buzz for your brand. If a proper marketing plan is created, you can have a great PR for your brand. There are several low budget brands who have made a splash by creating a good content strategy! One does not need to spend a lot and is quite economical. If it difficult to make a plan, consult agencies which can give great mileage to your new emerging brand.

 2- Your website needs an overhauling

A website tells a lot about your business. As we keep emphasizing that it is your business’s identity in the virtual world. So, it needs to showcase all your strength. If your website is old and outdated, then frankly, very few visitors will come to check it and rarely will you see any conversions. These days, website designers can create brand new and spiffy website in few days. Many of them charge a nominal amount to design. So, it is a great idea to hire website designers who will quickly create fresh designs for your website. With a new website, you will actually record more traffic and more sales leads.

3- You don’t know to engage with your audience

Engaging with the audience is an important aspect while running a business.Social media like Twitter and Facebook can help in talking to the customers.One can get feedback on your products and services. This helps you understand their needs which in turn helps you serve your clients better. With content marketing, it becomes much easier. With the right marketing strategies, you can make a lasting relationship with your customers. These relationships can certainly help in consolidating and strengthening your business.So, make sure you’re your social media handles are regularly been checked.

 4- You have a blog but that was updated ages ago

Blogs are your space and mouthpiece for your website/business.Blogs also serve a very important purpose of SEO.We don’t need to spell out the advantages of SEO for any website. For all the uninitiated, Search Engine Optimization helps your website get better ranking on Google and other search engines. Better rankings are good for the website as more people will check it and more awareness , your brand will get. So, we recommend creating content strategies for the same. Update your blog as regularly as you can and you will see a difference in the traffic visiting your website.

 5-  Your emails are not read by your customers

Emails or newsletters can create a lot of impression on your existing and potential customers. They are cost-effective tools to acquire more clients across the world.But just like your other tools, emails need to be relevant and creative.There are several email marketing platforms which can create very stylish emails. You can make use of them to create newsletters and send it across to your customers.

 6- You need to measure your ROI

Unlike the traditional marketing, it is quite easy to measure online marketing.With a lot of analytical tools which are easy to handle, one can analyze the data.From a number of visitors to your website or which region they are from, which products they prefer, everything is measurable. So, investing in content marketing is a smart idea since you can analyze your marketing efforts.

 7- You think PPC will alone do the trick

A lot of digital agencies might not tell you this ( pay per click ). Though PPC is an effective way of acquiring customers. But the gaining of clients through PPC can prove to be very expensive. Also, ads themselves do not have the power to convert a potential customer into client content as they are quite impersonal. Content marketing coupled with PPC will give a better rate of customer conversion. It can help economizing the costs as well.

 8- When SEO alone does not yield results

Again SEO is a very important tool to get desired results. But focusing on SEO is of no use. Because with new guidelines coming from Google, articles/content need to be user-friendly. The algorithms have changed.  They check several factors such as your content, social media or the speed and architecture of your site.

It needs to be relevant to the readers.Marketers just cant write articles keeping keywords in mind, it also needs to be of use to the readers. Therefore it’s again a great idea to invest in content marketing where creating relevant content combining with right use of SEO will give the much better result.

 9- You need to optimize your conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization is basically a system which drives the visitors to a website and converts them into customers. So, with creating a strategic content marketing plan, you can have targeted messaging for your customers. One can have higher conversions of visitors traffic to customers in a short span of time.

 10- Your potential customers are across the globe

With internet spreading everywhere, our customers are not bound by boundaries. You can provide your service or products to any country or any city.Content marketing provides a greater reach to all your potential customers and helps them to see your business website. Also, it is economical to acquire customers through a good use of content marketing.

 With these signs, we believe that devising strategies for a great content marketing plan will scale up your business in diverse ways.If you are not able to create a content plan , it is always to good to consult agencies or professionals who can help you.

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