9 SEO trends to look for in 2018

9 SEO trends to look for in 2018

Today every company’s aim is to be featured in top 3 rankings in all the search engines. SEO is an important part of any successful digital strategy. With Google’s new algorithms getting evolved, SEO also has grown over the past few years. There are several trends that we will get to see in 2018 which are very exciting for us, digital marketers. So, let’s dive in and see what these new trends are:

1. Voice Search

This is one trend which is going to get bigger and bigger. Every Michigan SEO company is betting on it. According to a report “one in five mobile searches comes from a voice search”. This search will grow bigger by the end of the year as more and more tech companies are launching voice-enabled assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. With this phenomenon, we will need to step up our content game. Since queries will be voice led, we cannot have just a few keywords and terms. What we need is to have queries in the way that people naturally will talk in. It needs to be more conversational and much more personal. Longtail keywords which are more long and specific keyword phrases. These keywords will be used for the voice search

2. Video and Image search

Another interesting trend which is here to stay is visual search. Initially, the searches were text rich. But now, more and more people are searching for pictures and videos as visuals appeal more to the customers than just plain text. Even Google and Bing are investing heavily in visual search engines. More and more brands will optimize their visual content to reach out to their customers. It opens up new avenues for a lot of content companies to design content which is visually rich.

3. The rise of Featured Snippets and Quick Answers

According to a report, 30% of the test Google searches show featured snippets. Featured snippets are another very big trend for Michigan SEO to follow. So, what are they? They have selected search results that are featured on top of Google’ organic results. The snippets try to answer all the questions immediately. This can get brands extra exposure. There are three kinds of featured snippets – list, table, and paragraph. The paragraph is more preferred snippets amongst the three.

Since featured snippets are gaining popularity, the websites need to have a strategy in place to optimize their snippets results. Featured snippets combined with voice search will be next big thing as this combination will help the brands get to the top of SERP. Again, the content for featured snippets would need to have longtail keywords and more of conversational words. For quick answers, the brands should have all possible answers to the questions people would ask on their website. The content should have the links and is mobile optimized. Then the chances of their content to feature high on SERP would be much more.

4. Mobile Optimization

More and more people are buying smartphones. These days, everyone has a smartphone. And let’s face it, we are all hooked on them. A lot of traffic has started moving from the desktops to mobile phones. Mobile searches are higher than desktop searches.57% 0f the traffic comes from the mobile. Many brands also have mobile sites. But they don’t have the same user experience similar to desktops. So, it is imperative for the brands to create have a mobile-optimized site. This is the need of the hour for the companies who want to ace the first page of Google. These companies should have many answers to the local SEO queries. This leads to our next big trend.

5. Hyperlocal SEO

According to Go Globe, 78% of the local search result in offline purchase Businesses especially small and new ones should not ignore this statistic.
We told you about how local SEO is very important to your business. Now we will tell you all about hyperlocal SEO and its importance. Google is evolving every day so the search results are getting fine-tuned too. Search results are much more relevant to the customers. Suppose you type “flowers in Michigan”, earlier Google would show you results all the rated florists in Michigan but now it will show the florists near your location with highest ratings. This way you won’t have to travel a long way to buy flowers. In 2018, Google is bringing all the services and products nearer to you for your convenience.

So how can a business start with hyperlocal SEO? Suppose you are a florist in Detroit, so add keywords like “Florists Detroit “rather than “Florists Michigan”. Your correct business address should appear on your websites in all the places. Make sure your business details are available in all the directories available on the internet. This could be Yellow pages, Trip Advisor or Google Maps. This information will make sure more and more people in your area can reach to your business.

6. Quality Link Building

Link building is not dead in 2018 as people would think. It is very important to have few quality links than several & poor-quality links. They are important as they lend credibility, relevance and create value in your website. Good links can give you authority amongst your target audience. Link building has to be a long-term strategy. They should be relevant. Suppose you have a bakery, then a link from a popular cooking blog would make sense. Guest blogging is an important way of link building but relying on it too much could be detrimental to your website. Therefore, a good tangible strategy for link building is important in 2018.

7. User Ease

Google has declared that the focus is on users. The algorithm used by Google is focusing on UX of the websites and then gives a ranking. Therefore, it is extremely important that the websites are users’ friendly. A good website engages with the audience and chances of them purchasing your products are much higher. That is why many big businesses like Amazon are redesigning their websites for their users. The design of the website should be easy for the people to navigate. The speed which the website downloads should also be less. Even one percent delay can cause fewer page visits and lesser conversions. So, the business owners should make sure that website downloads quickly for a better ranking.

8. Great Content

With user being the focus of Google, good content plays a big role. In fact, many digital marketers think that good content is the king. The content should be relevant and engaging. One can hire a professional blogger who can write down good articles for your website. Make sure that you optimize the keywords. With a great content strategy, you will see great results for your business!

9. AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning

Newest on the block and heavily debated, this trend is going to stay. Google has determined AI to be the third biggest factor for ranking algorithm after links and content. This means AI cannot be ignored. Machine learning helps in the way searches take place and also users are able to find much more contextualized searches. In 2018, we will see a lot more innovations in this field by Google.

With a lot of changes, 2018 will be an exciting year for SEO. Traditional SEO methods will be long gone. Our takeaway from this article is that Google will keep evolving and refining its search algorithm. With voice search and hyperlocal search, we know that it is focusing on its users and their convenience. There will be more emphasis on good content and user accessibility.

Ranking in the first organic page is not the only place for the brands to showcase their products and services. With featured snippets, there are several other opportunities to get the ranking on the first page of Google.
It is a good idea to keep updated with these new SEO changes and create a new SEO strategy for your brand.

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