Effective Way of Writing PPC Text Ads in 2018

Effective Way of Writing PPC Text Ads in 2018

 We all know the importance of running PPC ads for our businesses. PPC or Pay per Click ads only lets you pay for the number of clicks, you get on your advertisement. This is wonderful especially if you are a small business or upcoming venture. This means less investment and more ROI on your money. You can choose your desired audience. But the best benefits of all is that you can measure your campaign unlike any other traditional means of advertising.

But does that mean that all PPC campaigns are successful and do all businesses get their ROI? No! Not all the PPC campaigns are successful. There could be many reasons but one of the biggest reason is an ineffective writing of PPC text ad.

Writing a great PPC ad is a big part of digital marketing strategy. Through PPC, your message can get communicated to the audience and generate leads. Coupled with Michigan SEO, one can see success in his business.

In 2018, we will see various developments in the world of digital marketing. With Google evolving every day, PPC ads have also changed over the years. There are Michigan SEO companies which create and design PPC ads.  In this article, we will see how to write effective ways to write PPC ad in 2018.

 1. Understand the client’s demands from the campaign

Be it traditional means of advertising or digital, this step should not be skipped at any cost. Maybe, new clients, want the people to be aware of their products or services. Few clients would like to generate leads. So, it is imperative to ask several questions or by asking them to write a brief which can help you to write a great PPC text ad.

 2. Who is your target audience and what does it want?

Is your advertisement targeting 25-year-old women or 40-year-old men? Your PPC text ad should indicate whom are you targeting. It should also convey what your audience wants to hear. If your target audience has some problems or needs which your products can help them with, make sure that is said in your advertisement.

 3. Make sure your feature the benefits of your Products / Services in your ad

Carrying the same point further, make sure you display the benefits of the ad. Study your competitors’ ads. How are they creating the differentiation? What are your products’ USP? These unique points will be able to attract the relevant audience.

Tell how you are better than your competition.

Suppose you sell flowers online. You must check your competitors’ ads and analyze what benefits they are displaying. Make sure you create such text ads which give more or better benefits than competitors. If you can feature better benefits, you can grab more eyeballs.

 4. Your PPC ad has to be about your audience.

Your target audience needs to be the hero of the story and not the copywriter. Keep using “You or Your “in your text. Suppose you are selling chocolates online. So, if PPC text “We make chocolates which melt in your mouth “, we are emphasizing on us. But if PPC says “Chocolates which melt in your mouth “, we are focusing on the audience. It might look like a small change but it makes a lot of difference for the success of your campaign.

 5. Use the Keywords

After having researched the keywords for your products, please use them in your PPC text ad. You don’t need to stuff them into one ad. But ensure that they are put in the first or second line of your ad so your audience can immediately see it.

 6. Your ad copy needs to have a call to action

For your audience, you need to tell them that your advertisements are not just to be seen on the web. They can check out your websites by clicking on these ads. So, make sure you have a button says, “Click here”, “Shop now” “Buy today” “For more information, log into www.xyz.com”. Also, there should be proper dates and timelines. For example, “Hurry! Shop now! Sale ends today at 6pm “

 7. Do not repeat your message in the same ad

Yes, it is important that the audience gets that you are running 20 percent sale on shoes but does that mean that the entire ad should have reference to the sale. Repetition of the ad will put off the audience and they might not click on the ad. One or two mentions are just enough.

 8. Decide whether you want to include price point

This depends on the business owner. If the price is a benefit which you want your audience to know then it is a good idea.eg. “10 flowers for just $5.” Again, it is important to check whether your competitors are including it. If it is a sale season, include your price only if you can match them.

 9. Your headline makes all the difference

While the body copy is also important, it is the first line which will attract the users to check your ad’s content. Writing a good headline is an art. Not everyone knows how to write but once you have cracked a good headline, there is no stopping for the campaign to be a success. Keep the headline simple. A keyword can be added as people search for keywords. For example, “Delicious gluten-free cakes in Michigan “. “Cakes in Michigan” is a keyword. Delicious and gluten free are added benefits which will entice your customers to read your ad further.

 10. Also, add the qualifiers

Maybe your product or service is available in some geographical parts or is made for a group of people.  So, then it is important to be specific about it. For example, “Designer ladies watch available only for $100”. With ladies as a qualifier, you have made it clear it is for ladies. It is easier for people to search for watches for ladies.

 11. Proofread it and send it to the client for approval

Even though you have designed an amazing PPC ad, it is important that you proofread it. Don’t immediately send it to your client’s approval. Grammatical error or spelling mistakes can totally ruin your ad. If you have a colleague, let her proofread it so that if you have missed any error, she can spot and correct it. Then send it to your client for approval.

12. Test the ad

Even if you have the perfect PPC ad, design 2or 3 creatives so that you can test them. Have different messages for each ad group and then run them to see your audience’s response from them. This will give you an idea that which ad works and garners most eyeballs, give more clicks and generates more leads.

The above steps are foolproof. With following steps, 2018 will be a great year for your PPC campaigns! You will be able to communicate better with your audience, get people to click the ad and lead to more conversions.

We would love to hear from you. So, if you are seeking advice on how to get started with PPC or you have any queries regarding digital marketing, do contact us.

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