Messenger Marketing – ‘The newbie in the town’

Messenger Marketing – ‘The newbie in the town’

“Be where your customer is” – This is the marketing advice you must have gotten thousands of times from many people. Though the marketing world has changed a lot in the past decade and We all are a part of a digital transformation but this advice still holds absolutely true. The only way to flourish in any business, be it small or large, is to be right there where all your customers are hanging out.

But where is the today’s customer spending most of his/her time? The most obvious answer would be social media. But is it really social media?

The facts state otherwise. Recently, an infographic released by Business Insider Intelligence titled “Messaging Apps Have Caught Up to Social Networks,” indicated that social messenger apps like WeChat, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are gaining more popularity than the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Keeping the facts aside, If you just look around yourself; You would notice that most of the people are spending their time on WeChat or WhatsApp, rather than Facebook or Twitter, After all, Facebook’s decision of acquiring WhatsApp was not born out of thin air.

So, Messenger Apps have a huge appeal among all the age groups. But what is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing is the act of leveraging mobile and chat platforms to facilitate businesses to advance conversations and commerce with future prospects and current customers.

 Here are the 5 interesting things you need to know which will definitely help you making most out of your messenger marketing efforts:

The consumer holds the remote-control here :

If you are thinking that Messenger Marketing is very similar to the SMS or Email marketing, You are partially right about it but Traditional engines such as emails and SMSs are unguarded towards spam. This is because, in SMS or E-mail, Users have limited ability to control who can send them messages which lead to countless messages and overloaded inboxes.

Messaging apps, on the other hand, provide users considerable control over who can send messages to them. Here, Businesses need user permission before connecting with them, and users always have the option of opting in or out at any point of time. And that’s how the spammers are kept out of the ecosystem, leading to fewer messages and manageable inboxes which ultimately translates to higher open rates, read rates and Click through rates.. Thus, Messenger Apps act as a very refined and fuss-free platform of marketing to the various businesses.

It’s more than just the plain texting

As they say, a Marketer should talk in their customers’ language and the language in which people talk on messenger apps is not just the plain text one. Here, People like to express themselves better with the help of emoticons, stickers, animated GIFs, embedded pictures etc. These things make messaging apps more of a conversational platform. And, In this era of personalization, conversation is key to build any sort of connection which holds true for marketing as well.

Hence, as a marketer, You can use all these things as your tools to connect better with your target audience. For this, It’s always advisable to keep a check on different forms of content people are consuming or sharing on such messaging apps.

Chatbots are changing the game

Messenger marketing can make the best use of artificial-intelligence-enabled chat bots that can make the whole experience far more real-time and exciting for the user. Conversational chat bots enable the marketer to completely personalize the user experience: It’s like having a private, one-on-one conversation with every customer. It is important that the conversational tone is such that the marketer talks with the customer rather than to the customer.

Many brands like Whole foods, Harper Collins, Durex, Marvel’s Spiderman, Starbucks etc. are already riding on the chatbot-wave and connecting with their customers on a more personal and direct note.

Following the same, Premium brand Louis Vuitton has also launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that assists shoppers on products, aiming to provide meaningful feedback during the busy holiday period.

These are not mere a ‘Sales-Pitch’ channel

The marketer first needs to get the user’s permission to send messages by building a community of subscribers. But once you get this permission, Don’t start forcing it on customers who aren’t ready for it yet. A messenger app can be used in many different ways. You can send your customers shareable content, sell them products, ask for feedback, and more—all within the native messenger app.

A good messenger app also assists its users in discovering the brand’s full line of products, as well as use it to get suggestions on specific items. It uses natural and lucid language processing to facilitate a more advanced search experience. Lastly, each outbound message is not the end of the campaign, but in fact the start of a conversation.

Instant Call-To-Action

The new age Consumer is getting used to more and more of on-point and personalized communication, and they expect the same when they get reached out by some brand or business. Attention spans are getting shorter, and messaging marketing leverages the same trend to enable more interactive marketing messages.

The user can ask a question about an offer and get specific, accurate and helpful responses within no minutes. The ability to add clickable call-to-action buttons in messenger gives you the freedom to customize messenger marketing for any business.

Suppose, You send a communication about your brand’s upcoming event to your target consumer and with the help of instant Call-To-Action tabs in the messenger app; Your customers can instantly respond to that saying if they are interested or not. Later, You can also ask for a quick review from all the attendees. Could you imagine doing all of this so efficiently and creatively through any other mode? After all we all the nightmare of opening a graphic-heavy emails.

Having known all of it; It won’t be an overstatement if we say –“The BEST time to venture into the world of Messenger Marketing and get on this wave before it hits the saturation level is right now.”

Messenger Marketing, as a platform, has the ability to scale magnificently without being a feed box for the spammers. Businesses should start marching towards messenger marketing now. Needless to say, the perks are countless for the early adopters. Hence, You better begin exploring the messenger marketing to gear up your business’s growth because everybody is messaging somebody.

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